DBS Delivers! One of the most important services Dartmouth Building Supply provides is product delivery. When we make a delivery for you, our primary goal is to exceed your expectations. Getting your material to your home or job site in a timely manner is our first priority. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver nearly any stock order within 24 hours.

Our dedicated drivers help make this possible. DBS drivers do more than drive, they also represent our company at your job site. Our drivers have the ability to contact our office from your job site, should you have any immediate needs.

Our extensive fleet of trucks consists of:

  • Boom trucks, including two with six-story reach
  • Flatbeds
  • Closed Box trucks
  • Moffet forklifts mounted to our truck fleet

While other suppliers may arrive late, arbitrarily drop off loads and make a quick getaway, our Customer-Centric drivers provide a logistical advantage by reliably placing orders exactly where specified―delivered on-time, every time!

No matter how complicated the job, or how challenging the conditions, we deliver everything you need to your job site quickly, safely, and accurately (weather and site conditions permitting). You can be confident your product is always on the job. Dartmouth Building Supply is your best choice for reliable, consistent and safe delivery solutions for any job, big or small.