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The allure of natural stone is unique, engaging and ever-changing, with no two slabs ever being identical. Unsurpassed in durability and beauty, granite slab countertops and tile have a multitude of uses throughout your home. Granite is often seen as kitchen and bathroom countertops but has become a favored surface in mudrooms and utility workshop areas as well. Naturally stain resistant and easy to care for, Granite, Quartzite, and Soapstone natural stone countertops are an excellent choice for your family.

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Quartz slabs are a beautiful yet low maintenance surface, which is perfect for high traffic areas in your home’s kitchen and bathrooms. A blend of nature and technology, resulting in easy care and color consistency, Quartz brings an elegant and contemporary look to any space.


Soapstone is a talc-based natural stone with some unique qualities. Soapstone pulls in heat from a fireplace or stove and will continue to radiate that heat for hours, even after the heat source has been turned off. Also, due to its talc content, acids will not etch it, making Soapstone a great choice for kitchen countertops and fireplace hearths. Soapstone is much softer than many other stones, therefore it can scratch, but it can also be sanded and buffed to remove the scratches. In doing this, buffing will create a slight unevenness in the stone, which leads to more of an old-world appeal.


Marble Stone Slabs & Tiles have a timeless beauty. With no two pieces ever identical, marble has fascinated artisans and decorators throughout history. Marble is a unique natural stone created by limestone deposits. Re-crystallized through the action of heat and pressure, marble literally morphs into its unique patterns, colors, and swirls. With its exquisite veining and patterns, marble always adds elegance to any room.

Solid surface

Dartmouth Building Supply Corian Solid Surfaces

Solid surface countertops are solid acrylic you can mold into any size and shape. Because it’s a solid surface, damages can be repaired easily. The solid plastic surface is nonporous and makes the material resistant to food and liquid stains. Better yet, the surface will inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and germs.