Monica Huff has been a prominent figure in the lumber industry for over 10 years, starting her career as an Assistant Buyer. Over the last two years, she has taken on the role of Design Showroom Manager, where she has made a significant impact. Monica is dedicated to blending her purchasing expertise with an unwavering commitment to customer service, ensuring the highest standards are met in every project.

Her leadership is evident in the way our designers engage with customers. They possess a unique ability to listen carefully to clients’ requirements and translate them into tangible, successful outcomes. Their problem-solving skills and keen attention to detail ensure that every interaction leads to a satisfying experience, fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Monica’s approach is characterized by her proactive nature and dedication to continuous improvement. She is always seeking new ways to enhance the customer experience and drive the success of the showroom. Her strategic vision and hands-on management style have helped cultivate a team that thrives on delivering exceptional service.

Outside of work, Monica loves to travel and explore new places, often accompanied by her husband,  two older boys and their dog, Max. Her family and adventures are a source of inspiration and balance, fueling her passion for excellence in both her personal and professional life.